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In fact, 16% of patients with likely Bence Jones proteinuria were missed by the F [kappa] and F [lambda] antisera.
Even in this 11% of cases (of intact monoclonal immunoglobulins), an accompanying small amount of Bence Jones proteinuria cannot be excluded because the detection rates with the F [kappa] and F [lambda] reagents were much lower than those with the F+B light chain reagents.
Ratio of urinary free immunoglobulin light chain is to A in the diagnosis of Bence Jones proteinuria.
A new concept for detection of Bence Jones proteinuria in patients with monoclonal gammopathy.
The association of Bence Jones proteinuria with low total-immunoglobulin concentrations was tested using the baseline-integrated AUC between haptoglobin and SS1 minus the C3 and transferrin areas (see above) normalized with respect to the AUC for SS1.
An immunoblotting procedure following agarose gel electrophoresis for detection of Bence Jones proteinuria compared with immunofixation and quantitative light chain determination.