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Lorenzo, Italian physician and anatomist, 1643-1704. See: Bellini ducts, Bellini ligament.
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And because of all of its capabilities, the Bellini Kitchen Master enables the home cook to create three-course meals with just one machine, leaving just one dish to clean up afterwards.
We are extremely honored to be recognized by MSPmentor as permanent members of their annual report of the world's top MSP experts, entrepreneurs and executives," said Arnie Bellini.
Combinations include: the Guava Bellini, made with guava puree, Cruzan Guava Rum and Prosecco; the Vanilla Pear Bellini, mixed with pear puree, Grand Marnier Navan and Prosecco; and the Lusso (which means luxury in Italian) Bellini, with peach puree, peach liqueur, Zone Vodka Peach and Prosecco.
Mr Bellini said that changes in technology were moving at a rate not seen since the Industrial Revolution.
On another, it inspires a passage such as the following on the Washington Feast of the Gods: 'Never before had Bellini painted such a melody of colours in a unified rhythm.
Day Trip to Chatsworth House pounds 285 18th December - Liverpool *Three-course Champagne bellini brunch on the journey to Chesterfield * Coach transfer & entry into Chatsworth House * Free time to explore the gardens,cafes and gift shops * Champagne, four course dinner with 1/2 bottle of wine per person on return journey * 10% discount when booking table of four
A stabilization in end demand and steadfast focus on costs suggest there could still be upside to 2009 EPS even assuming a continued challenging macro," Bellini said.
L'elaborazione di questo libro e proseguita tra molte difficolta, le cui ragioni vanno rintracciate nell'enorme disseminazione delle opere di Bellini tra Europa e Nord-America da un lato, e dall'altro nella difficolta di reperimento di fonti sicure per la ricostruzione di una biografia dell'artista che fosse piu attendibile di quelle che l'avevano preceduta.
In his synthesis of modern studies on Bellini's stylistic development, Batschmann draws heavily upon the articles found in The Cambridge Companion to Giovanni Bellini, edited by Peter Humfrey (2004).
Considering the Human Genome Project as the starting point of genome research in 2003, Bellini (for whom no background information is given) introduces seven chapters by international researchers who present the latest advances in this rapidly-evolving field.
Winner of the Tupelo Press Judge's Prize, Bellini in Istanbul is a compilation of free-verse poetry featuring absorbing descriptions of Italian scenes, Turkish fish markets, and other exotic locales as well as deeply personal difficulties.
When Marco Bellini of the University of Florence in Italy and his collaborators used a laser to add a new photon to an existing light pulse, the pulse usually ended up with more photons, as expected.