Belgian Blue

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A breed of cattle with more than the usual allotment of muscle, due to a knockout mutation of the growth factor myostatin


having some relationship to Belgium.

Belgian barge dog
Belgian black pied cattle
black, Belgian dairy cattle.
Belgian blue
dual-purpose cattle; blue, white or blue roan. Bred by crossing Dutch Friesian with British Shorthorn. Calves are large and dystocia common.
Belgian canary
one of the oldest breeds of canaries, popular in the Victorian era. Characterized by a straight, upright back, but lowered head and neck so the shoulders are the highest point.
Belgian cattle dog
Belgian fancy
long, slim canaries with flat chests, long necks and tail feathers, with an unusual posture of the head drooping down and a semicircular silhouette. Called also Slims, Scottish Fancy.
Belgian hare
not a hare at all, but a breed of rabbit. It has a long, fine body and a deep red, tan or chestnut agouti coat.
Belgian horse
heavy draft horse, mostly red-roan or chestnut but may be bay, brown, dun or gray; 16.1 to 17 hands high. A basic breed for many draft breeds. Called also Brabant. Full name is Belgian Heavy Draft. Affected by congenital cataracts and aniridia, which are inherited as a dominant trait.
Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuren
two varieties of Belgian sheep herding dogs, recognized in the United States as separate breeds. See Belgian shepherd dog (below).
Belgian red cattle
red, dual-purpose cattle from Belgium.
Belgian red pied cattle
red and white, dual-purpose Belgian cattle.
Belgian sheep dog
see Belgian shepherd dog (below).
Belgian shepherd dog
there are several varieties in this breed. All are medium-sized with erect ears and are used as sheepdogs, guard dogs and for police work. The Groenendael, the most common variety, has a long, straight, smooth black coat. In the United States, it is recognized as a separate breed and called the Belgian sheepdog. The Malinois has a short, red, fawn or gray coat with black mask and frosting on the muzzle. It is called the Belgian Malinois in the United States. The Tervueren has a long, red, fawn or gray coat and is called the Belgian Tervueren in the United States. The Laekenois has a short, wiry reddish-fawn coat with black shading.
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I wore rubber gloves while doing this and later when applying the Belgian Blue to protect my hands and to avoid any fingerprints on the parts.
Belgian Blue fetuses had significantly greater BW at 9 mo of gestation compared with German Angus and Galloway, respectively, but no significant difference was observed between Holstein Friesian and Belgian Blue.
Taking the cost of the calf out of the equation, the margin for the Aberdeen-Angus crosses works out at pounds 322 against pounds 235 for the Friesian and pounds 284 for the Belgian Blue X Friesian.
In the September Nature Genetics, a European team led by Michel Georges of the University of Liege in Belgium reports that the animals are missing a small portion of their myostatin gene; the group had sought a mutation in Belgian Blues for more than a decade.
Principal prices: Store bullocks: Limousin pounds 1030, pounds 880, pounds 865, pounds 810 Plumpe Angus pounds 985, pounds 970 Plumpe, pounds 830 Roanstree, pounds 775 Craig Belgian Blue pounds 1120, pounds 1000, pounds 930, pounds 905, pounds 900 Plumpe Go online co.
SHEAR CLASS: The Welsh Mountain trio from vet Euros Jones, right, won the inter-breed group award in the sheep section; ON PARADE: Teleri Jenkins parades her Belgian Blue cross Limousin heifer in the commercial beef classes; THE WINNER: Menna Griffiths with the championship-winning Limousin stock bull from their Mynach herd, Gronllwyn Vandal, and daughter Jane proudly holding the trophy
In-calf cows continued the blistering trade, topping at pounds 780 for a Belgian Blue cross, while Hereford cows peaked at pounds 770.
They then saw their trio of Belgian Blues triumph in the interbreed group championship ahead of Tecwyn Jones' Commercials.
Smith Jackson bought the Belgian Blue animal on October 26 last year for pounds 675, before selling it on as a limousin cross bullock for pounds 920 12 days later.
Results: Class 1 Halter-Led Heifer under 400 kg: 1, Belgian Blue Cross, CR Price, Felindre pounds 960 (270 kg); 2, Limousin Cross, CR Price, Felindre.
Thieves then stole a Belgian Blue calf between 8 am on Tuesday,June 8 and 8am on Wednesday, June 9.
Cattle 11 ( 16 Months Limousin x Steers pounds 665 Brownsleazes, pounds 642, pounds 640 (x2) & pounds 630 Norwoods, pounds 625 (x2), pounds 620 & pounds 590 Horseholme, pounds 570 & pounds 560 Greyside Limousin x Heifers pounds 590 Horseholme, pounds 580 & pounds 560 Cornhills, pounds 540 & pounds 500 Horseholme Charolais x Steers pounds 572 Maunby House Angus x Steers pounds 522 & pounds 490 Peel Flatt Angus x Heifers pounds 405 & pounds 400 Bank Top Belgian Blue x Steers pounds 568 & pounds 520 Maunby House Blonde x Steers pounds 730, pounds 728, pounds 710 & pounds 640 Brownsleazes Blonde x Heifers pounds 582 & pounds 540 Brownsleazes.

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