Bechterew, Vladimir Mikhailovich

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Bechterew, Vladimir Mikhailovich

, Bekhterev, Bechterev (bek'te-ref?)
Russian neuropathologist, 1857–1927

Bechterew-Mendel reflex

See: Mendel-Bechterew reflex

Bechterew nucleus

Angular nucleus.

Bechterew reflex

1. Contraction of the facial muscles due to irritation of the nasal mucosa.
2. Dilatation of the pupil on exposure to light.
3. Contraction of the lower abdominal muscles when the skin on the inner thigh is stroked.
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e) Chief, Department of Addictions, Bekhterev Research Psychoneurological Institute, St.
Burckhardt probably had minimal influence on the career of Vladimir Bekhterev, the leading figure of Russian physiological psychology in the early 20th century.
Bekhterev and the above-mentioned Lombrosan Dril', all of them interested in the connections between poverty, morality, heredity, and insanity.
Bekhterev from Stalin's revenge; Bekhterev's sudden death in 1927 is attributed to the aftermath of his visit to Stalin.
Psychiatrists at the Bekhterev Institute report that certain EEG profiles strongly correlate with other clinical indicators as predictors for future severe depression, epilepsy, and schizophrenia.
Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University and Head of the Department of Addictions at the Bekhterev Research Psychoneurological Institute.
Paragon possesses all the resources that enable it to deliver brand-new and business-effective solutions to its partners - wireless carriers and smartphone manufacturers," commented Dmitry Bekhterev, head of marketing department, Paragon Software.