Charles E., English neurologist, 1854-1908. See: Beevor sign.
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They said Captain Beevor dragged her about by the hair, and held up loaded pistols at her.
A Flandrish hat of beevor, bearing in the band the token of Our Lady of Embrun, was drawn low upon the left side to hide that ear which had been partly shorn from his head by a Flemish man-at-arms in a camp broil before Tournay.
In recounting the saga, Beevor is unsparing in his astringent judgments on several targets that have often managed to impose their own self-serving version of events and their respective roles.
BEEVOR - BERNADETTE ( CALLAGHAN) ( our BETTY), April 29, 2009.
To get an accurate picture of what took place I have consulted various books, including Berlin, by the eminent war historian Antony Beevor, and Tail-end Charlies, by Nichol and Rennell.
In a definitive account, Anthony Beevor - author of the spectacularly-successful histories Stalingrad and Berlin - tells the story of the battle and the heroic resistance of the Cretans, aided and abetted by Britain's Special Operations Executive.
The second lecture will be given by Anthony Beevor, author of 'Stalingrad', who will talk about his latest book 'The Mystery of Olga Chekhova'.
This powerful documentary follows historian Antony Beevor on his quest to discover why Stalin pushed his army marshals into cutting a monstrous and bloody path to the city.
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