Charles E., English neurologist, 1854-1908. See: Beevor sign.
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They said Captain Beevor dragged her about by the hair, and held up loaded pistols at her.
A Flandrish hat of beevor, bearing in the band the token of Our Lady of Embrun, was drawn low upon the left side to hide that ear which had been partly shorn from his head by a Flemish man-at-arms in a camp broil before Tournay.
Meanwhile, British military historian Antony Beevor said neither director has been particularly faithful to a monumental week or so when the direction of the entire war could have turned in Nazi Germany's favor.
A decade ago this shame of the Red Army was highlighted by British historian Antony Beevor in his book Berlin: The Downfall 1945.
Ardennes 1944: Hitler's Last Gamble, Anthony Beevor 7.
After all, Mr Beevor is a celebrity military historian and I am probably the least martial person on the planet.
Non- fiction is also well represented by British historian Antony Beevor and JLF co- director Dalrymple.
In an essay published in the summer 2011 special issue of Le Debat entitled "L'Histoire saisie par la fiction," the British historian Anthony Beevor describes and denounces the proliferation in contemporary culture of fictional works he labels "faction.
Former BBC Foreign Correspondent Kate Adie will share her experiences of heroes and villains in wartime reporting, and historian Antony Beevor will be sharing from his latest book on the Second World War.
Otto has never forgotten the warmth, the welcome, the kindness of a man he no longer knows but whose name was Mr Beevor.
Now brilliant historian Antony Beevor has reasserted what might have been the obvious--that in the Asian theatre, that terrible war began with the Soviets engaging Japan a month earlier and ended six years later with the same two sides in conflict.
Antony Beevor has been writing about the second world war for literally decades so one might initially wonder that there's still material left to write about.