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The red pigment in beets (Beta vulgaris); elevated in urine of patients with beeturia.
[fr. betacyanin]
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I can report that Sarah's face went beetroot red when she eventually got to meet Gary, who gave her a kiss and a cuddle and then posed for pictures.
Depending on the extraction and separation methods, the formulator can obtain either water-soluble dyes, such as beetroot red (No.
On many an occasion I remember turning beetroot red as my youngest brother's voice echoed down the corridor calling for my mother to come over to the toilets to 'sychu pen-Ol' (wipe his bottom).
So what does Tiger smell like," he asked Curtis, who immediately went beetroot red and stuttered.
Beetroot red, chlorophylls and anthocyanins are just some of the other colours available from Overseal as natural alternatives to synthetic colours for achieving red, green and purple shades.
VALUED for their leathery, bold, architectural foliage, bergenias - or elephant's ears - may develop rich winter colouring of maroon, crimson, bronze and even beetroot red, which looks all the more striking when the pale pink, white, ruby red and dark purple blooms emerge.
The flustered leader turned beetroot red as the 30-minute interview on BBC1 continued.
They chuck it through part of the old grey matter known as the medial prefrontal cortex (which grown-ups don't do) and this magnifies their propensity to go beetroot red a zillion-fold, roughly.
Lock my mother in a room with a dog and she will start sneezing uncontrollably, go beetroot red, tears will stream down her face and she will be dead within 15 minutes.
They are: Rocket, Tomato Sweet Million, Beetroot Red Ball, French Bean Delinel, Salad Onion, Lettuce Viktoria, Summer Cabbage Delft, Leek Elephant, Carrot Market Gardener, Cauliflower Candid Charms and Lettuce Sioux.
However, it would appear football folk are getting sick of the nasty Jock with the beetroot red face.
I love Bergenia purpurascens and at the moment it's turning a dramatic beetroot red.