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The red pigment in beets (Beta vulgaris); elevated in urine of patients with beeturia.
[fr. betacyanin]
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he roared with his fists pumping as his face turned beetroot red.
Her face is still beetroot red, her scalp a mass of scabs and her ear badly swollen.
IBC reacts to this trend by introducing two brand new dyes: blue spiruline and beetroot red.
He went beetroot red and nearly choked but it didn't seem to do him any harm as he is still playing rugby at the age of 71, most recently this year in Australia for the Bahtats Masters Rugby Team, and in 2013 he cycled from the Eiffel Tower to Blackpool Tower to raise money for a cancer charity.
Another interesting looking dish features a beetroot red tuna resting on a crust of crispy rice with chipotle emulsion.
But what a dazzling display of cartoon grief as blubbing Beale's tearstained cheeks went beetroot red and his entire face sank into his sagging shoulders.
The lead actors lovingly kissed Bhansali on either sides of his cheek, leaving him beetroot red.
Mr Fothergill's has a huge range of vegetable seeds in its latest catalogue, including the brand new beetroot Red Hawk F1.
When I told the story, the owner went beetroot red and said it only happened once.
Blushing beetroot red, he shows off his mobile and says he can not hear too well from it "but it helps.
The plot consists of a series of misunderstandings which would make the most green of amateur dramatic directors go beetroot red with embarrassment.
Spinach gives the products the green shade, beetroot red and carrots brought the yellow hue.