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The red pigment in beets (Beta vulgaris); elevated in urine of patients with beeturia.
[fr. betacyanin]
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Lichen planus is an autoimmune disease that is characterized by white discharge and a beet red vagina on presentation.
Gwyneth would just smile her sweet smile and become beet red with embarrassment.
The little sack of pulp around each seed can range from nearly colorless through yellow and orange to almost beet red.
The only down side was Judy's not feeling well because her sun block had failed her completely: as a consequence, she was beet red from sunburn and so uncomfortable that we went straight to our room upon returning from dinner.
It's not surprising many sugar growers turn beet red when someone starts looking at the sugar program closely.
The man looks suitably beaten down, and his face goes beet red whenever he's called upon to get angry or terrified.
Spotted wandering the party, which was decorated with red Chinese lanterns and Union Jack tablecloths: Fabio; Vince Vaughn; Stephen Dorff; Owen's older, taller brother, Luke Wilson; Edward James Olmos; Jon Voight; ``My Big Fat Greek Wedding'' star Nia Vardalos; and Kiss rocker Gene Simmons with son Nick, who blushed beet red when asked by a reporter on the red carpet if his tongue was a big as his dad's.
It's impossible to imagine now, when Nicklaus is bathed in so much adulation his skin ought to be a permanent shade of beet red.