Beer Goggles

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Hypothetical eyewear that people are said to put on after drinking too much, which distorts the objective appearance of a potential partner for a one-night stand
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The prospect of spending New Year's Day washing beer glasses in a dingy German bar was looking increasingly likely.
Although salt-encrusted beer glasses with lime wedges have been common in Mexican resort communities, this cocktail has more complex origins.
Eye-witnesses claimed beer glasses were hurled during the terrifying disorder shortly before 11.
A GROUNDBREAKING recycling scheme will collect disposable beer glasses from the capital's streets tomorrow.
It found the branded Hoegaarden beer glasses topped the list of favoured objects to steal.
The new regulations will require bigger beer glasses that can accommodate a full pint--that's the 20-ounce British pint, not the 16-ounce U.
German voices abound and the aroma of cooking pretzels and frankfurter and the clink of large beer glasses drift across the square where she presides.
believes all of these factors contribute to making Pint Jacket a better choice for on-premise promotions than custom printed pint glasses, which he says, often become used as generic beer glasses.
Sadly, the movement of fans up and down the aisles and rows with their beer glasses, marred the whole experience.
Ravenhead Glass, famed for its production of dimpled beer glasses, folded early last year, after 159years in St Helens, with the loss of 350 jobs.
Stablemates DevilDriver whipped up some early pit action with their sonic battery, the pick of which were End Of The Line and I Could Care Less - the irony being that most of the crowd felt that way about main support Bring Me The Horizon, who spent the bulk of their set dodging bottles and beer glasses.
The goodie bags contained Stella McCartney perfume, M&M's, beer glasses, magazines, moisturiser and vouchers.