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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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Butcher own DNA INSIDE "The school catering team has also received a certificate from the supplier which shows that the beefburgers it supplied are not contaminated.
FOOD EXPERT CLAIMS AGENCY CAN'T BE SURE THERE ISN'T RISK TO HEALTH A LEADING food expert has warned that the Government cannot be sure there is no risk to public health from beefburgers contaminated with horse DNA.
Privately owned German discount chain Lidl withdrew boxes of the frozen beefburgers believed to be behind the French infections.
Moments later, however, the beefburgers were delivered and rejected by Mr Morgan who by then had already eaten.
But in the case for the defence, let us please present this delicious beefburger served on a brioche roll with fruity Stilton and apricot chutney alongside house salad or fries.
BURGER King has returned to 100 per cent British and Irish beefburgers for its UK restaurants.
And food safety bosses have launched an inquiry after horse meat was discovered in beefburgers made by a Small Heath factory.
West Yorkshire firm Peter Boddy Slaughterhouse, which was shut down this week after investigators suspected horse carcasses were used to make beefburgers and kebabs, has a contract with Aintree racecourse to remove horses put down during meetings.
NOW that horse meat has been found in beefburgers and ready meals, how long will it be before we find out the chicken we eat might be ostrich?
Guardian News and Media/ London Polish suppliers were responsible for the horsemeat in beefburgers scandal which hit supermarkets including Tesco, the Irish government has revealed.
The farming body's comments come after Tesco took out full-page adverts in a number of newspapers apologising for selling beefburgers containing horse meat.
AS A non-meat eater I agree with Andrew Jackson (January 17) in wondering what all the fuss is about finding horsemeat in beefburgers.