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Patient discussion about bedwetting

Q. Is the link between bedwetting and medicines possible? I am really worried about my 6 year old son. He is bedwetting these days every night. Initially I thought it was normal with children and then I noticed that after his diagnosis with ADHD last year the doctor has prescribed him some meds and bedwetting started thereafter. ..I think it is because of medicines. My elder son never had this problem at any point of time and he is not ADHD. Is the link between bedwetting and meds possible?

A. Well the link between ADHD and bedwetting is not clear and moreover it is common in children with or without ADHD…but ADHD children do have a higher chances of bedwetting, the reason understood are that they do not realize the importance of bed wetting and wetting doesn’t discomforts them, moreover children with ADHD are distractible and do not pay attention to the signals of the need to avoid and thus piss on bed. Your elder son did not have ADHD so he understood the controls and the need and was psychologically stronger.

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The stigma of bed wetting can be hard for kids to handle and no child wants to feel they are unable to control their body.
Crowley specifically written to help young children to overcome the problem of bed wetting.
Among those reproduced here: pills purported to stop bed wetting, acne cures, glasses that hypnotize women, scrotal hernia trusses, and mounted girls' head trophies at only $2.
Dehydration can also cause bed wetting in children who do not drink enough water during the day.
These exposures bring about fatigue, headaches, intestinal problems, muscle aches, recurrent infections, bed wetting, hayfever, asthma, hives and learning and behavioral problems," says Rapp, who has been treating children with allergies and chemical sensitivities for more than 30 years.
To prevent bed wetting, Galloway recommends having residents lie with their legs elevated before bedtime, then be encouraged to void before going to sleep.
Etech currently offers Smart Diaper products in the following categories: "WeeTell" for newborns and infants, "WeeTrain" for potty training, "WeeStop" for bed wetting and "WetSense" for adult incontinence applications.
Regression is also common, with children exhibiting behaviors such as tantrums, bed wetting, and thumb sucking that have not been present for months or years.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- ETECH(TM) (Engineered Technologies) has developed a patent-pending product that may be the long sought-after cure for millions of children and teenagers suffering from bed wetting, a disorder known medically as enuresis.
AFREQUENT bed wetting for children is very common up to the age of around six, and most children tend to naturally grow out of the problem.
PARENTS of one in 12 young people in the UK struggle to help their children cope with bed wetting or other continence problems including daytime wetting, constipation and soiling.
The report found a high rate of temper tantrums, bed wetting, and incidents of self-harm.