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Emil G., U.S. surgeon, 1866-1932. See: Beck method.


Claude S., U.S. surgeon, 1894-1971. See: Beck triad.

Beck, Cheryl Tatano

a nursing theorist whose Postpartum Depression Theory asserts that postpartum depression results from a combination of physiological, psychological, and environmental stressors and that symptoms are varied and likely to be multiple.

Beck’s method

An obsolete term for treating tuberculosis of bone by curettage and packing the cavity with Beck’s paste.


(Beck), E.V.V., Russian physician.
Kashin-Bek disease - see under Kashin
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Those boots certainly represent the hands-on involvement, hard work, passion and enthusiasm Beck brings to Atlanta, Indiana-based Beck's Hybrids, the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States.
org>, or contact the Beck Institute at 610/664-3020.
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Graeme has created pieces for three of the four becks covered by the project, ranging from chicanes and gateway features to benches.
The trail was set up by the Boro Becks Project and the Junior Ormesby Beck Friendship group which have helped improve the beck over the past three years.
Over two weeks this month and in early March, the Boro Becks Team is organising clean-up events along four of the town's becks.
The Boro Becks Team has organised weekly litter picks along four of the town's becks, every Wednesday throughout March.
Barry Jobson, the Becks Team's ranger, said "We are hoping that people from the town will come and help us with activities such as grass cutting, raking and sowing the new meadows.
During the school summer holidays the Boro Becks Team is organising weekly litter picks along four becks.
The Boro Becks Team is leading the walks along Middle Beck, Ormesby Beck and Marton West Beck.