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Emil G., U.S. surgeon, 1866-1932. See: Beck method.


Claude S., U.S. surgeon, 1894-1971. See: Beck triad.

Beck, Cheryl Tatano

a nursing theorist whose Postpartum Depression Theory asserts that postpartum depression results from a combination of physiological, psychological, and environmental stressors and that symptoms are varied and likely to be multiple.

Beck’s method

An obsolete term for treating tuberculosis of bone by curettage and packing the cavity with Beck’s paste.


(Beck), E.V.V., Russian physician.
Kashin-Bek disease - see under Kashin
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Since I was in my 30's, I've used a dirt bike to scout the fields to look for weeds and plant populations," states Beck.
It said: "The Boro Becks Project has been very successful in improving and promoting the becks that it covers and in engaging with local people on initiatives such as guided walks and educational programmes for schools and groups.
Funded by the Big Lottery's Access to Nature grant, administered by Natural England, the Boro Becks Project is now in its final year.
Sammy said: "This trail is an ideal way to get information out about the beck without the use of interpretation panels.
For more information visit the Boro Becks Facebook page, the team's Twitter account @borobecksteam, call 01642 515618 or email borobecks@middlesbrough.
The team, along with volunteer rangers and representatives from local businesses, will help residents keep their becks tidy.
Work is being planned to restore a series of wildflower meadows along Middlesbrough's Beck Valleys.
Becks ranger Barry Jobson, pictured, said: "The becks are wonderful places to visit, but sadly do become litter traps.
A springtime ramble from 10am to 1pm on Thursday, April 7 will follow ancient routes down Newham Beck to Devil's Bridge and return by the path up Marton West Beck.
The Middlesbrough becks are also nationally recognised as a habitat for the endangered water vole.
The becks in Middlesbrough -Ormesby Beck, Marton West Beck, Spencer Beck, Blue Bell Beck and Middle Beck - flow through the town to meet the Tees.
The Clean Becks campaign is addressing these issues head-on, aiming to restore the condition of the beck valleys for local enjoyment and recreation.