Beck's depression inventory

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Beck's depression inventory (BDI)

Etymology: Aaron T. Beck, American psychiatrist, b. 1921
a system of classifying a total of 18 criteria of depressive illness. It was developed by Aaron T. Beck in the 1960s as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool for the treatment of childhood affective disorders. The BDI is similar to the 21-criteria DSM-IV diagnostic system of the 1980s except that the DSM-IV scale includes loss of interest, restlessness, and sulkiness, which are missing from the BDI; the Beck inventory lists somatic complaints and loneliness, which are criteria not included in the DSM-III inventory. See also DSM.
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Functional status was assessed with Modified Health Assessment Questionnaire (mHAQ), 15 and Beck's Depression inventory II (BDI) was used for evaluation of symptoms of depression.