Bechterew, Vladimir Mikhailovich

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Bechterew, Vladimir Mikhailovich

, Bekhterev, Bechterev (bek'te-ref?)
Russian neuropathologist, 1857–1927

Bechterew-Mendel reflex

See: Mendel-Bechterew reflex

Bechterew nucleus

Angular nucleus.

Bechterew reflex

1. Contraction of the facial muscles due to irritation of the nasal mucosa.
2. Dilatation of the pupil on exposure to light.
3. Contraction of the lower abdominal muscles when the skin on the inner thigh is stroked.
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La psicologia "objetiva" no comienza con Watson, y encontramos antecedentes en Sechenov, Pavlov y Bechterev.
An early investigation by Bechterev (1949) explored the abilities of two circus-trained dogs to obey mental commands issued by their trainer, Durow.
From the few trials which Bechterev reports, it is clear that this process of holding the dog's head and gazing into its eyes, even if done by individuals other than the trainer, produced greater success than those trials in which the trainer or experimenter was behind a screen.
Es importante hacer hincapie que en las dos ultimas decadas practicamente se definieron dos conceptos fundamentales en la teoria de la memoria; autores como Exner, Ebbinghaus, Wernicke, Korsakoff, Bechterev & James, entre otros, fueron los que aportaron estudios de correlacion de las lesiones del lobulo temporal y las teorias de procesamiento de la memoria, en el neocortex cerebral; surgiendo conceptos como: memoria primaria y secundaria, que permanecen hasta la actualidad.
Em 1916, num trabalho intitulado "O lugar do reflexo condicionado na Psicologia" introduziu o reflexo condicionado, cujo estudo havia sido aprofundado pelos russos Pavlov e Bechterev, como base explicativa para o comportamento humano.
Esto lo demostro Liepman en sus experimentos y luego lo confirmaron Bechterev (1905), Monakov (1914), Kleist (1907) y Kroll (1934) y otros, en sus experimentos, tambien se sabe de numerosos casos de apraxia con paralisis localizadas en la region frontal del cerebro (Hartman 1907, Wilson 1908, Konorski 1969, Luria 1969 entre otros).
I found a chance to get back to the hotel before the rest of the group left the Bechterev Institute and had lunch and a brief rest before lecturing at the Pavlov Institute.
Is it by accident that Bechterev first lectured on reflexology in 1917, the year of the October Revolution in Russia?
Although many dogs were used by Pavlov and his students, Professor Vladimir Bechterev, the leading Russian psychologist of the day (Pavlov was defiantly a physiologist), dismissed much of the findings because "Professor Pavlov bases his conclusions solely on his observations of one lively dog with abundant and spontaneous salivation .
Bekhterevskie chteniya [The Bechterev readings] (Part 1, pp.