Julia Pastrana

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A Mexican Indian (1834-1860) woman, who suffered generalised hypertrichosis, a large nose and ears, and gingival hyperplasia.
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uk) FANCY a pint of Kettle Sour, Chimney Sweep, Schrodinger's Cat or even Bearded Lady Chocolate Orange?
Fez, who describes himself as "a director, bearded lady and performer", will wow audiences at Wales Millennium Centre this week as part of street theatre and cabaret festival Blysh.
They produce 17 beers: |Ringmaster, Rapture, High Wire, Dark Arts, Cannonball, Human Cannonball, Ringmaster NZ, Rock Star, Bearded Lady, Magic 8 Ball, Carnival, Clown Juice, The Big Top, Simpleton, Dancing Bear, the Great Alphonso and Un-human Cannonball.
I generally always have a bit of facial hair, but now it seems people either grow theirs to be a hipster, look like their favourite Sons of Anarchy biker, or a bearded lady.
Another attraction sees the return of Kathy Bates who was in AHS series three playing bearded lady Ethel with a pick 'n' mix accent that is actually way freakier than her fuzz-faced appearance.
Kathy |Bates plays a bearded lady in American Horror Story's latest incarnation
Another attraction sees the return of Kathy Bates, who was in series three playing bearded lady Ethel with a pick 'n' mix accent.
The attraction includes a bearded lady, a woman with two heads and another with three breasts.
The performers in this freak show, including the conjoined twins, with two heads, and the bearded lady, have been rescued by Lange's character and will do anything to keep the business running.
But that's what guests at Jean Paul Gaultier's show got when he sent bearded lady Conchita Wurst, pictured, down the catwalk in Paris this week.
I love myself and the bearded lady is fun and expresses everything I feel.
But the beauty of Eurovision is the surprises from left-field, like the buxom Polish washboard wenches (douze points from me) and Austria's bearded lady (bloke named Tom) Conchita Wurst, who I thought would run away with it.