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Antoine, French chemist and pharmacist, 1728-1804. See: Baumé scale.
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Fortunately, Baum the Gun Guy is less common and more complex [than many of his subjects].
When the Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics was issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on 29 December 1975, Gregory Baum criticized it severely.
Baum, now professor emeritus of theological ethics and sociology of religion at McGill University in Montreal, addressed the evolution of Catholic-Jewish and Catholic-Muslim relations since the council, and especially in recent years under Pope Benedict XVI.
A Knowsley spokesman said: "Cllr Baum has been asked to write a letter of apology to the council.
Baum said he told Chapman she was being labelled a "party girl" in the press.
As a result of his guilt and atonement over calling for the extermination of the Native Americans, Baum, according to Schwartz, "wouldn't succumb to the terrible allure of racism and prejudice ever again" (277).
Baum plans to research the possibility of creating an easy-to-use table that allows students and families to estimate how much aid they are eligible to receive.
Baum also was a firm backer of marketing and advertising, which increased the nation's demand for strawberries and compensated for the problem of over production.
Just as Baum received his death sentence, Lineberry arrived.
Baum, along with Paula Del Nunzio and Shirley Mueller of Brown Harris Stevens, was hired to handle the mansion's sale.
The work to Hasselbaink's Harrogate property took Baum Construction Ltd six months to complete.
Baum, who owns mobile home communities, is now a strong advocate of making AEDs more available in fitness clubs and schools.