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Antoine, French chemist and pharmacist, 1728-1804. See: Baumé scale.
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Baum most recently served as VP/Government Relations for the NAB, a role he earned in March 2016.
IPCC operations manager Melanie Palmer said: "My thoughts are again with the family and friends of Miss Baum following her tragic death.
We are also examining contact police had concerning Emma Baum on three previous occasions between April this year and her murder.
Baum was previously chairman and CEO of The Dreyfus Corp.
Fortunately, Baum the Gun Guy is less common and more complex [than many of his subjects].
An article reporting an interview with Gregory Baum was printed in the Toronto Globe and Mail of 9 April 1966, entitled, "Catholics May Use Contraceptives Now?
Finally losing patience, Baum ordered his men to run through Schweinheim at full speed.
The Baum groups--and Cox insists that they were groups, not a single group as earlier literature has suggested--were part of a dissidence milieu that was fluid in makeup, anti-doctrinaire in outlook, and only sometimes Jewish in identity.
Baum, now 87, served as one of the first experts for the Secretariat for the Promotion of Christian Unity, formed in preparation for the Second Vatican Council.
On September 25, 1954, she married William Martin Baum who preceded her in death on August 31, 1998.
It has been widely reported that Baum saw O-Z on a file cabinet, but this may be a myth (if O and Z are shifted backward one step in the alphabet, you get NY, the state where Baum was born and reared; if O and Z are shifted forward one step with Z joined to A, you arrive at PA, the state where Baum's successor, Ruth Plumly Thompson, lived)
The spat started last August after Cllr Baum got a minibus from Furlongs on behalf of Stockbridge Village Community Association and it started experiencing problems.