Batwing Distribution

A descriptor for shaggy, bilateral peri-hilar lung opacifications, seen on an AP chest film, due to intra-alveolar fluid exudation, first described in uraemia, but more typical of pulmonary oedema; it may occur in pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
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For aisle and general lighting, Amerlux's Producer is a linear pendant that, at 10 watts per foot, features a high-efficiency 60- or 80-degree batwing distribution, or a symmetrical distribution for more general illumination applications.
The new line is called Producer and it is an LED aisle lighting product with batwing distribution," he says.
Lather, rinse, repeat, and we end up with a batwing distribution that makes all the metal halide fixtures green with envy.
Current--in order to reach those high candela numbers in their batwing distribution and keep costs low, many manufacturers may dial up the drive current in order to increase the output of their LEDs.
Where under-cabinet luminaires are used, the lens covering the lamp should have a batwing distribution to reduce glare.
Batwing Efficiency: the highest efficiency recessed fluorescent luminaire with batwing distribution on the market
This allows TruGroove to make spaces more visually comfortable by optimally blending light and color, controlling high angle glare and creating a precisely-controlled batwing distribution.