Battle, William H.

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William H., English surgeon, 1855-1936.
Battle incision
Battle operation
Battle sign - postauricular ecchymosis in cases of fracture of the base of the skull.
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We suspected that these ships were already in full battle operation.
New demands for command and control functions, land, sea and air battle operation, communications and sensors, for a variety of new threats, will drive the continued development of new electronic systems.
Furthermore, most commercial surveillance is not subject to the extensive PED process applied for battle operations.
It provides a fine history of battle operations, fighters, and those who flew planes that were military successes.
It is a consequent evolution of Cassidian Air Defence capabilities, which allows the commander to seamlessly integrate existing Air & Missile Defence assets, manage battle operations and tailor the force package to mission-specific needs.
At the time, Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy noted the ironic application of the term 'war'--defined by the Even-Shoshan dictionary as "an armed clash between armies, a conflict between state bodies (nations, states) in battle operations with the use of weapons and by force of arms"--to a situation in which only one of the sides possesses a state, an army, and a senior military officer who describes the conflict as "a superb call-up and training exercise".
Maj Ballard, 33, whose heart condition went unnoticed by medics despite being shown on a heart monitor in 1997, was found dead of a heart attack in March 2003 in the Az Zubayr area where he had been co-ordinating battle operations in southern Iraq.
When they go out on patrol or do battle operations, it might be an international officer or NCO they're coordinating with.
We allowed the action officers to start naming all the programs, and before BACN we had T-BONE, which was Theater Battle Operations Net-centric Environment.
It's an excellent sight for Close Quarters Battle operations.
Instead, the golf-loving soldier is 30ft underground, directing battle operations in a nuclear bomb-proof bunker in Qatar.
ISS is the developer of TBONE (Theater Battle Operations Net-centric Environment) and the WebTAS (Web-enabled Temporal Analysis System) framework.