Combat Stress Reaction

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The acute psychological trauma experienced in combat environments which can lead to combat fatigue
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He soon realises that the killings have the mark of one of his former students and surmises that his protege has gone renegade after suffering battle stress and sets out to stop him 2003 ***
In battle, a spotter wears ShotGlass(TM) to direct their sniper to the desired target in real-time under high battle stress.
She has also had to battle stress related illness while she struggled to convince a county court Lupton was missing so she could divorce him for deserting his family.
7 ( ANI ): Reasons for frequent suicides among American military personnel are primarily due to gay sex, depression and alcoholism than battle stress, a new study has claimed.
Personal grudges, battle stress and domestic concerns were the major reasons behind Afghan security personnel's attacks on their foreign counterparts, a spokesman for the NATO-led force said.
The small poll of 825 adults, for the industry-funded charity Drinkaware, found people battle stress with up to four drinks on a typical evening at home.
Army officials said it was too early to say if the killings were related to battle stress or repeated deployments.
Investigators probing the shootings were believed to be looking at whether the gunmen, in combat uniform, had suffered from battle stress.
Hundreds of families throughout the UK share the dreadful burden of having lost someone to enemy action in Afghanistan, or of having to assist in the nurturing of a loved one who has lifelong wound trauma or battle stress to cope with.
The House of Commons Standing Committee of National Defence will soon be convening, and I hope to make the issue of casualties, battle stress and post-traumatic stress disorder the first order of business.
They are trying to say these are just rogue soldiers and this has nothing to do with battle stress or orders.