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Frederick E., British ophthalmologist, 1865-1918. See: Batten-Mayou disease, Batten disease.
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Batten wasn't expecting to be named the recipient of the Norma Fleck Award.
When Batten, the now-retired chairman of Landmark Communications, announced his company's plan for a 24-hour weather network in 1981, the media and business communities responded with a collective snicker.
As Batten reports in the book: "In 1980, cable advertising in the United States totaled only $45 million.
They were carried by Sefton and have won all five Classics and a Grand National-and not many colours have done that," says Batten.
I wanted him to get his vision back to stop him from bumping into things,'' Batten said.
Led by Batten sisters Mirian and Guin, the foursome were bidding to become the first ever Brits to win a women's rowing medal.
Germicidal Batten units offer a cost-effective and efficient addition to increasing hygiene standards within the food and liquid foods industry.
Chairman Jamie Batten, stepping in as a linesman, had been sent to the stand with three minutes left for verbal abuse towards an opposing player.
Capture the sides with the top frame, fitting its pins down into the batten holes.
The International Batten Disease Consortium, to which Lerner belongs, has finally tracked down the mutated gene responsible for the devastating brain disorder.
Batten handed off the CEO title to president Tony Ridder.
After considering the available data on mating behavior, anthropologist Mary Batten offers a more sophisticated view.