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Oscar V., U.S. otolaryngologist, 1894-1979. See: Batson plexus, Carmody-Batson operation.
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Among his topics are the link between juror factors and verdicts, the Batson v.
In two cases decided at the end of the term, the Supreme Court breathed new life into the Batson v.
The peremptory had been ailing, some commentators believed, since the Court's decision eight years earlier in Batson v.
Once the Supreme Court eliminated the use of peremptory strikes based solely on race in Batson v.
It was true that the previous year Powell had written a strong equal protection opinion in Batson v.
already made a profound break with tradition when it decided Batson v.
178) Indeed, some may believe that their duty to their clients is so strong that, as one lawyer argued, it would be "unethical for a defense lawyer to disregard what is known about the influence of race and sex on juror attitudes in order to comply with Batson v.
While the Batson Court was unpersuaded "that our holding will create serious administrative difficulties," Batson v.
Italian-Americans are protected from racially discriminatory peremptory challenges trader Batson v.
Kavanaugh, Note, Defense Presence and Participation: A Procedural Minimum for Batson v.
In an eight-to-one decision, the Supreme Court ruled that California's "more likely than not" standard is incompatible with the prima facie inquiry mandated by Batson v.