Oscar V., U.S. otolaryngologist, 1894-1979. See: Batson plexus, Carmody-Batson operation.
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WEST Bromwich Albion legend Brendon Batson has backed plans to commemorate the amazing life of one of the game's first black footballers.
Easing the anxiety of a hospital stay for children --and their parents--while providing the absolute best care available has always been the hallmark for Children's of Mississippi's Batson Children's Hospital.
Teen actor Asher Angel was recently cast as Billy Batson, the secret identity of DC superhero Captain Marvel, in the coming film 'Shazam
The book follows the story of a boy named Billy Batson, who can transform into an adult superhero by uttering the magic word "Shazam
On appeal, Winston argues that the trial court erred when it decided that there was no Batson violation at the jury trial and when it denied [the] postconviction motion on this issue.
MATTHEW Batson (Letters, August 15) urges the council to get back to basics.
Milton Joseph Batson takes full advantage of these media with a new book featuring his observations, released by Dog Ear Publishing.
Memories of Thompson Orphanage: Charlotte, North Carolina shares the story of author Stella Batson and other orphans who spent their adolescence at Thompson Orphanage in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Former West Brom defender turned football administrator Brendon Batson said the Premiership's giant broadcasting deals have drastically altered balance sheets.
Why Batson Was Wrong: Equal Protection Does Not Ban Recognition that Racial Diversity on Juries Matters
BA G G I E S legend Brenon Batson - a leading ambassador against racism - has spoken of his continued close friendship with former boss Ron Atkinson, whose TV career was ended when he made racist remarks.
Batson has been flipped on its ugly head as the government now uses it to assure that the mob will be placated by restricting defense attorneys from using challenges that are not politically correct.