Oscar V., U.S. otolaryngologist, 1894-1979. See: Batson plexus, Carmody-Batson operation.
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Professor Robert Batson has led UA's four-year assistance program at American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Batson Hospital for Children at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
Right-backs used to be two-a-penny from Dougie Fraser in the 60s, to Gordon Nisbet and Paddy Mulligan in the 70s and Brendon Batson in the late 70s.
Co-Founder Walter Batson to Continue as Chairman of the Board --
Presenters include Jon Batson, award-winning author and publisher with Midnight Whistler Publishers; Sonja Foust, author and blogger; Jennifer Lohmann, author and librarian with Durham County Library; Laurin Penland, events coordinator and bookseller for The Regulator Bookshop and Barbara Williams, book designer and publisher with BW&A Books, Inc.
152) But Batson rests on outdated and inaccurate assumptions about human behavior--assumptions that were recognized as problematic even at the time.
But his parents, Dale Batson and Brenda Hallett, are overjoyed little Ben is here at all after trying unsuccessfully for a child for eight years and plumping for IVF treatment in the end.
Batson (French, Union College) analyzes the dance aesthetic in Paris at the time of the Ballets Russes and Ballets Suedois, focusing on performance and the role of the body.
Though unheard, the record is generating heated debate among Matthews' hard-core fans, largely due to the presence of a new producer, Mark Batson, who has worked with artists including Eminem, 50 Cent, Gwen Stefani, Sting and Seal.
Gill has hit back at Blatter's `incomprehensible statement' but acknowledged the current regulations may be altered once Brendan Batson has completed his wide-ranging review of the FA's disciplinary procedures.
Italian-Americans are protected from racially discriminatory peremptory challenges trader Batson v.
MY NAME is IsobelYoung Batson and I would like to ask your readers for inf ormation regarding my father's family.