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(1) BATMAN. One of two clinical trials about the safety and efficacy of the Batimastat BiodivYsio® stent, a drug-coated (with an MMP—matrix metalloproteinase—inhibitor, batimastat) device designed to decreased restenosis in patients who had undergone coronary angioplasty

(2) Batman. One of several fathers’ rights activists who appear with some regularity perched atop any of a number of public places in the UK—e.g., Parliament, Buckingham palace, etc.—to protest alleged family courts’ bias against them
(3) Vox populi Batman. A popular comic book superhero who fights crime in the fictional Gotham City
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Thanks to the TV AM strike of Christmas 1988, Batman reruns had re-ignited Batmania in Britain and, once the fashion trend spread to the USA, Warners knew they were on to a hit.
I put on weight easily and play ball to stay in trim," says George, 36, who chats to Barry Norman about Batmania on Film 97 (Tues, BBC1, 11.
Cinema: FILM 97: Batmania hits Barry Norman, as the droll movie man nips across to Los Angeles for a blether with the new man in the cape, George Clooney.