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Today, more than 50 percent of critical data is performed in batch, making managing batch job scheduling an operations center reality," said Gur Steif, vice president, CONTROL-M, BMC Software.
BMC Control-M has standardized our work processes, integrating batch jobs across different platforms and systems, guaranteeing process--and business--continuity, giving the bank a solid foundation and the flexible support it needs to grow and expand," Xiu said.
The Executive Dashboard provides an easily accessible snapshot of batch job executions over time, as well as detailing successful, canceled or long-running jobs.
Analysts had to rewrite every job because the carrier was doing away with individual batch jobs and using ActiveBatch's built-in interface.
The migration included 1,600 applications and 1,300 batch jobs, and was completed over 15 months by a team of 6 developers.
Time your longest batch jobs and measure client response to lengthy transactions before and after installation.
Workload automation (WA) has developed from an isolated discipline, focused on the static scheduling of batch jobs, to a central and proactive backbone for today's service-oriented approach to enterprise IT.
The speed layer is designed to allow queries to reflect the most up-to-date information--necessary because the serving layer's views can only be created by relatively long-running batch jobs.
As a result, these companies can now effortlessly manage and play out newsroom rundowns, record or play out multiple channels simultaneously, perform archive/ingest operations as batch jobs, or even record and prepare shows for airing faster than before.
Under the automated control of Tivoli Workload Scheduler, daily batch jobs and data are now transferred from the mainframe to the distributed environment, dynamically translated, executed, and the resulting output files returned to the mainframe for post processing without disruption.
IBM says that AS/400 servers are "optimized" for client/server and batch jobs, but what is closer to the truth is that servers are de-optimized for 5250 support.
BCA efficiently handles 21,000 batch jobs daily using BMC Control-M Workload Automation