Walter A., U.S. physician, 1873-1952. See: Bastedo sign.
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E[sz]Of the company's recent achievement, E[sz]PV Labs Vice President of Engineering, John Bastedo said "The mini-Eclipse is outstanding.
The series featured appearances by many other top actors, including the likes of Frank Windsor, Timothy West, Alexandra Bastedo, Brian Blessed, Geoffrey Hughes, Keith Barron, Doris Hare, Philip Madoc, Andrew Sachs and Liz Fraser.
The Champions was a British espionage/science fiction/occult detective fiction adventure series consisting of 30 episodes shown on ITV between 1968–1969 Bastedo starred as Sharron Macready – along with actors Stuart Damon and William Gaunt – as agents for a United Nations law enforcement organisation Nemesis, based in Geneva.
DEATHS John Fortune, 74, BBC's Charles Wheeler, 85, journalist Simon Hoggart, 67, actress Alexandra Bastedo (The Champions), 67, Leeds great Bobby Collins, 71, running legend Chris Chataway, 82, former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, 85, after an eight-year coma.
Social media and political inequality," in Elisabeth Gidengil and Heather Bastedo (eds.
Bastedo and Lodge (1980, 301) show that survey respondents used images of the groups "large corporations" and "the rich" to differentiate Republicans from other candidates.
You might well ask given that she still looks stunning at the age of 48, like a cross between Sharon Stone and the late Alexandra Bastedo in her pomp.
TOM MARSHBURN and Roman Romanenko now know what it must have felt like to be Beyonce's sidekicks in Destiny's Child or the two geeks who co-starred with Alexandra Bastedo in The Champions.
Alexandra Bastedo (The Specials), Ben Roberts (The Bill).
British actress Alexandra Bastedo, a friend of the Birmingham-born writer, said: "He was terribly sophisticated, debonair and a real gentleman.
The actress was the passionate and powerful-sounding Alexandra Bastedo - and that's not a surname to be argued with.