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While Lego products are already available in the regionthrough retail distributors, Bast says the new store will be not just a new channel for sales - it will be a brand window for Lego in the region.
Artisans produced thousands of bronze sculptures and amulets depicting cats to worshippers of Bast.
For a recent example, Bast points out that on the same day as the lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010, there was a 7.
In his statement, Bast comments, "We urge any individual, foundation and corporation with an interest in insurance and related finance issues to contribute to [FIRE center Director Eli Lehrer's] new organization once it is up and running.
Natural-fiber composites are typically compression molded from nonwoven mats of bast and PP fibers.
During Pollack's search for the truth about Bast, and how he died, he made the painful discovery that his father had, for a time, been the Gestapo chief in the Austrian city of Linz.
Church of Misery the same--unreleased material from the bast serial killer inspired doomsters Japan has to offer.
Lindell Bast, Plant Engineer, Corbitt Manufacturing Co.
It was going to be a Bast time for the champion and his caddie.
Application: High-yield CMP from the bast may be used as a reinforcement component in newsprint making to maintain a relatively high freeness in TMP from wood, reducing the refining energy cost.
February 1--Environment & Climate News cites Smith and Plummer in article "Eight Reasons Why 'Global Warming' Is a Scam" by Joe Bast.
read the letter that he sent two days before to Jeanne Bast and Flank Ayers: "I am sorry that my previous letter to you was interpreted as being demeaning or even insulting.