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Anthony, U.S. physician, 1874-1959. See: Bassler sign.
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Mortgage and educational benefits may also be available to the family, Bassler said.
Ron, Sam, Charlie Clark, Tom Bassler, Noel Nequin, Judi Babb and several others were there at the start and have pointed the way for others to lead.
During the 1988 marathon, I was struggling with sore ankles and stopped at Wellesley; Tom Bassler gave me a bottle of beer (how and where he got it from was a mystery).
We walkers can take nine or ten hours to cover the distance," explains Bassler.
KEY PLAYS: Kolb 16 run for the first down at the UH 33, Bassler 15 pass from Kolb for the first down at the UO 39.
ALASKA DANCE THEATRE Alice Bassler Sullivan, Artistic Director 2602 Gambell Street, Anchorage, AK 99503 (907) 277-9591; Fax 274-3078; adt@gci.
COTTAGE GROVE - Ruth Ozella Bassler of Cottage Grove died March 12 of pancreatic cancer.
It was also overwhelming to share the room with such notables as Ernst Jokl, Terry Kavanagh, Tom Bassler, Jack Scaff, Otto Appenzeller, veteran marathoner Dr.