Frank A., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Bassen-Kornzweig syndrome.
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Gacouin A, Le Tulzo Y, Lavoue S, Camus C, Hoff J, Bassen R, et al.
amp;nbsp;Tuesday Bassen, a designer who has (http://fortune.
The founding members of the steering committee will be Prof Dr Alexander Bassen, member of the Council for Sustainable Development, Kristina Jeromin, Head of Group Sustainability at Deutsche Brse, Michael Schmidt, Managing Director at Deka Investment and member of the European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, and Dustin Neuneyer, Head of Continental Europe at PRI Principles for Responsible Investment and the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development.
Marine conservationist Volker Bassen is bringing the 180,000-year-old fossil and its pearl - one of the rarest in the world - to The Hotel Show Dubai 2017 in September, to exhibit alongside the raft of ancient finds he has remodelled into practical - and in many cases beautiful - furnishings.
It gains consensus among the academicians and practitioners that financial performance is highly associated with the environmental approach, inserted to the organisational function (Sen, Roy and Pal 2015; Friede, Busch and Bassen 2015; Albertini 2013).
Caption: L to R: David Falk, NGKF and Todd Bassen and Joe Farkas, both with Metropolitan Realty Associates
com)-- ResMan[R], the leader of multifamily management software solutions and Gartner 2017 Top Performer for Property Management Products, has announced multifamily and technology sales veteran Daniel Bassen as Regional Vice President of Sales.
Fast-fashion behemoth Zara is usually preferred by casual-loving folk, but there have been doubts since it allegedly ripped off LA-based artist Tuesday Bassen.
A terrifically entertaining and original story from beginning to end, "The Evolution of Glory Loomis" by Michael Bassen is very highly recommended for both highschool and community library YA Fiction collections.
See also Amanda Bassen, Patient Neglect in Nursing Homes and 1 song-Term Care Facilities in New York State: The Need for New York to Implement Programs and Procedures to Combat Elder Neglect, 8 CARDOZO Pub.
Bassen, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York (2003)
The general hypothesis that the composition of owners is relevant for the corporate strategy is confirmed by a survey conducted by Achtleiter and Bassen (2000), which investigated the reasons for the increased shareholder-value orientation in Germany.