Frank A., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Bassen-Kornzweig syndrome.
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The company has just hired Invesco's Todd Bassen on board as co-head of real estate at the rapidly expanding company.
Chile's consumers are demanding more content, at faster speeds and on more connected devices than ever," said Dale Bassen, chief technology officer, VTR.
On the other hand, Bassen, Meyer and Schlange (2006), Lo and Sheu (2007), Rossi (2009), Poddi and Vergalli (2009), Cheng, Ioannou and Serafeim (2011) and Teixeira, Nossa and Funchal (2011) presented research revealing positive results from the connection between best sustainability practices and lower capital cost, higher value, best performance and greater access to funding sources.
Talking to Qatar Tribune, Lauren Fryer, director of public relations for The Ritz-Carlton Doha, said, "Entertainment during Sahour will include Bassen Othman, a fivepiece band from Lebanon, traditional Egyptian Tanura dancer, two authentic Syrian bread-makers creating traditional saaj as well as different varieties of manakesh.
In addition, the baseline costs for buildings and rents in the community are important (Kaplan and Norton, 1996; Bassen et al.
Bassen Mroue, Associated Press, "Iraq Cleric: Militia in 'Freeze,"' 29 August 2007, accessed via Lexis Nexis November 2007.
on behalf of Katherine Bassett and Benjamin Wentworth Darley, for leave to introduce a private Bill to vest in fee simple, in George Osborne and Alexander Stuart, esquires (the trustees of Mrs Bassett's marriage settlement), certain lands at Broken Bay, North Harbour or Manly Beach, and Duck River, in the Colony of New South Wales, devised by the will of D'Arcy Wentworth, deceased, upon trust for the said Katherine Bassen (then Katherine Wentworth, spinster), for life, with the remainder to the said Benjamin Wentworth Darley in tail, to confer upon the said trustees power to sell and convey the said lands.
FDA scientist Howard Bassen argues, "The only changes that occur in microwaved food are those that would happen with any other form of heat.
BOB BASSEN, former NHL journeyman: "My dream in hockey is to score as many goals this year as Wayne Gretzky scored last week.
Denis Gauthier, Bob Bassen, Jason Wiemer, and Cale Hulse also scored for the Flames.