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The modifications were the following (Table): in resection specimens, staining limited to the basolateral membrane, or U-shaped (which would have been considered incomplete staining and thus negative in breast carcinoma), in [greater than or equal to] 10% of tumor cells is to be considered immunoreactive and further scored 1+ to 3+ according to its intensity (Figure 1, A through C) and interpreted in terms of HER2 overexpression as above; in biopsy specimens, cohesive clusters of at least 5 immunopositive tumor cells (Figure 1, D) replace the resection specimen criteria of [greater than or equal to] 10% of tumor cells, because of the small tissue sample size in biopsies.
AQP-5 appeared mainly at the apical membrane of mucous glands, basolateral membrane and basal membrane of serous acini.
Then, the accumulated glucose in the enterocytes is transported by GLUT2 (Glucose Transporter 2) located in the basolateral membrane into the blood (Wood and Trayhurn, 2003) with the aid of facilitative diffusion down its concentration gradient.
Isolated PTSs were incubated in Krebs phosphate buffer containing 50 [micro]M PAH, at 37[micro]C for 1 hour and 1 mM Probenecide (an inhibitor of OATs localized at the basolateral membrane of the tubule cells and transport PAH into the cells) was added to the incubation medium at the 45th min to prevent its reverse release during washing processes.
The current working hypothesis is that the diffusion of Fe(II) across the basolateral membrane is facilitated by iron regulated protein 1 (IREGI)/ ferroprotein1 (FPN)/MTP1 and hephaestin, a membrane-bound protein that promotes oxidation of Fe(II) to Fe(III) prior to its release from transporter molecule.
Perchlorate competitively inhibits iodide uptake by the sodium/iodide symporter at the basolateral membrane of the follicles (Capen 1997; Wolff 1998) and induces iodide efflux from the follicles by an as yet unexplained mechanism (Wolff 1998).
Hypotonic treatment evokes biphasic ATP release across the basolateral membrane of cultured renal epithelia (A6).
In thyroid cells, iodide uptake occurs across the basolateral membrane and is driven by an inwardly directed [Na.