Basle Nomina Anatomica

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Basle Nomina Anatomica (BNA),

(bohs'el or bahl nō'mi-nă an-ă-tom'ka),
The name adopted in 1895 in Basel, Switzerland (French spelling, Basle) by members of the German Anatomical Society that met to compile a Latin nomenclature of anatomic terms. Revisions of the resulting nomenclature were published at intervals until, in 1955 in Paris, the international membership of the Congress of Anatomists adopted a modification of the Basle Nomina Anatomica terminology. That modification dropped the reference to the original meeting place. See: Nomina Anatomica, Terminologia Anatomica.

Basle Nomina Anatomica

(bah'zl no'mi-na an?a-tom'i-ka),


Formerly, the official anatomical nomenclature adopted by the German Anatomical Society in 1895 at Basel, Switzerland. It includes some 4500 terms. Revisions were published until 1955, when the Congress of Anatomists modified the nomenclature and applied the name Nomina Anatomica. See: Nomina Anatomica; Terminologia Anatomica
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