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Karl A. von, German physician, 1799-1854. See: Basedow disease, Basedow pseudoparaplegia, Jod-Basedow phenomenon, Basedow goiter.
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100) On the origins of the exception, see Jurgen Basedow,
Comme l'a recemment remarque Jurgen Basedow, il n'est pas possible de repondre ou meme de poser la question quelle est la methode correcte?
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In the central two chapters devoted to "The Spaces of Cognition and Education," Schreiber examines Moritz's critique and adaptation of the pedagogical theories of Johann Bernhard Basedow and the Philanthropists.
Agenesis of isthmus of the thyroid gland in a patient with graves- basedow disease and a solitary nodule.
Los especialistas han pensado, casi unanimemente, que este pasaje esta basado en el perdido Alcmeon en Corinto: Basedow (1872); Zielinski (1922); van Looy (1964: 103); Scarpi (1996: 572); Huys (1997: 312-313), el cual subraya la semejanza en forma y contenido--en especial, desde [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]--con los relatos de los Tales from Euripides; etc.
But as Basedow (2004) establishes the World Trade Organisation has only accelerated globalisation with the liberalisation of the world trade without taking care of the enforcement of HRs.
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Lisa Seccamanie, mother of Jespy House client, Annemarie, said that she and her daughter, who is cognitively impaired, met with Karen Basedow, RD, and that, "Karen was able to not only get her points across in a manner which Annie could understand, but she motivated both of us to begin a healthier lifestyle.