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Karl A. von, German physician, 1799-1854. See: Basedow disease, Basedow pseudoparaplegia, Jod-Basedow phenomenon, Basedow goiter.
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Lisa Seccamanie, mother of Jespy House client, Annemarie, said that she and her daughter, who is cognitively impaired, met with Karen Basedow, RD, and that, "Karen was able to not only get her points across in a manner which Annie could understand, but she motivated both of us to begin a healthier lifestyle.
Volume 360 in the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law is written by Jurgen Basedow.
This optimism towards behaviorism continues to trickle down in any type of reform project (from Basedow to Bauhaus) that opts for chunking and tagging bits of information (even artistic ones) in a group-based, collaborative didactic setting.
On 28 May 1926 he left Charlotte Waters, with Dr Herbert Basedow (geologist and anthropologist), H.
See Talia Einhorn, Jewish Divorce in the International Arena, in PRIVATE LAW IN THE INTERNATIONAL ARENA--LIBER AMICORUM KURT SIEHR 135, 137 (Jurgen Basedow et al.
Basedow thus identified some of the common features of Anangu graves.
ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EUROPEAN PRIVATE LAW 1607, 1609 (Jurgen Basedow et al.
Burada 42 yasinda, ilk paralitik ataginda tirotoksik hipokalemik periyodik paraliz tanisi konulan Basedow Graves hastasi, bir erkek olgu sunuldu.
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The first prominent philanthropist was the German educationalist Johann Bernhard Basedow (1724-1790) who worked at the Danish Academy of Soroe and later in Altona near Hamburg and in Dessau where he founded his own philanthropic school.