base curve

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curve, base (BC) 

1. The shallower principal meridian of a toroidal surface of a toric lens. The other meridian of the toroidal surface which has the maximum power is called the cross curve.
2. In a meniscus lens, the shallower of the two surfaces.
3. Of a range of lenses of different powers, a surface power common to all the lenses in that range. See periscopic lens; back optic zone radius.
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Majority showed normal curve with left shift and mild broad base curve.
Thus, the parametrization of the ruled surface is given by [phi](t; v) = [alpha](t) + vX(t) where [alpha] and X are the base curve and unit vector in the direction of the rulings of the ruled surface, respectively.
the exact brand, * lens name, * power, * sphere, * cylinder, if any, * axis, if any, * diameter, * base curve, and * peripheral curves, if any.
If the patient's HVID is larger or smaller than average, then the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator calculates the correct base curve and diameter choice combination.
Today sale continues at the market under pressure of the rapid growth of the base curve.
Base Curve Eyewear is the luxury division of REM Eyewear, a leading designer and marketer of optical and sunglass eyewear worldwide.
After a slide of the base curve overnight, the Russian Eurobonds gained some space for another climbing.
Partner, Converse, Presenting Sponsor, VF Corporation, and Sponsors, GQ, Little Tikes, JV Fragrances & Skincare, Ernst Benz, Base Curve, Crumbs Bake Shop, Kipling, Saks Fifth Avenue, George Weintraub & Sons, Beaute Prestige International, City of West Hollywood and Fatboy.
Today we expect reduction of demand of the Russian loans against the back of the resumed growth of the base curve.
3 mm base curve, plus enhanced comfort via a smoother anterior surface.

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