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Simon, U.S. physician, 1840-1921. See: Baruch law.
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In the traditional blessing formula, Barukh ("blessed") is a masculine singular passive participle, and it modifies attah "You" (grammatically, also masculine singular) and Adonai "0 Lord our God.
However, in my view, the real question is: of whom might the passive of barukh be disempowering?
Indeed, some take this point so seriously that they do not translate barukh as "blessed" but rather as "praised.
I think the passive of barukh helps alert us to the paradoxical bi-directionality of the formula.
Thus, we humans are hardly disempowered when we say barukh attah Adonai since it is we who pronounce the blessing of/upon God
On Eastern Europe, see Deinard, Zikhronot Bat Ami, 20; Epshtein, Mekor Barukh, Part 3 Chapter 19, 1218; A.
Epshtein, Mekor Barukh, Part 3 Chapter 19, 613-4, is also well aware of the fact that paying money to the preacher may leave some doubts as to the sincerity of his message.
Rangers smelt blood and it took an exceptional goal line clearance from Barukh Degu from a superb Gavin Rae volley to stop them going in three up at half-time.
It could have been even better before half-time when Ferguson's blistering free-kick forced a fine save out of Elimelech and then Rae - who had been booked moments earlier - unleashed a carefully placed volley towards the target from 20 yards only for Barukh Dego to pop up on the line and head clear.
The opening ceremony was attended by Consul General of Israel Barukh Binah; Illinois State Senator Jeff Schoenberg (D-Evanston); Noa Asher, Consul for Economic Affairs for the Midwest Region, Israel Trade and Investment Center; Matthew Summy, Director of Program Development for the Office of the Governor, State of Illinois; Randall Martin, Product Manager, Motorola Global Security Services; and Robbie Higgins, Managing Director, Motorola Wireless Security Services.
Barukh Dego got both goals for the Israelis, whose win keeps them in contention.