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Simon, U.S. physician, 1840-1921. See: Baruch law.
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Baruch wrote in 1969 that the idea to photograph the Panthers came from a museum director in San Francisco, but the real inspiration, she added, may have come about "because I am Jewish and have experienced much prejudiced myself.
Driven by his ambition for professional recognition and financial rewards, Baruch moved to New York in 1880.
What powerful white man, what powerful white Christian male heterosexual in America today will raise up the model of his lifework as an example opposite to that of Baruch Goldstein, Louis Farrakhan, Bill Clinton, Pete Wilson?
Settlers in Kiryat Arba, Baruch Goldstein's neighborhood, have long been known to take "security matters" into their own hands, publishing guerilla-warfare manuals and organizing late-night raids against their Arab neighbors.
The winning ads by Baruch senior Gabriela Ramirez featured two brilliant headlines; "Count the spots on a leopard's face" and "Black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
on Friday, January 31, at Baruch College in room 14-220 of the Newman Vertical Campus, with a reception featuring remarks by noted business entrepreneurs, educators and mentors.
Baruch represents corporations and individuals in a variety of complex civil and criminal litigation matters, with an emphasis on cases arising under the False Claims Act, particularly financial industry, health care, defense procurement and federal grant fraud and enforcement matters.
Baruch College's Benchmark Green certificate program will comprise three 15-hour courses--Energy Efficiency Management and Improvement, Introduction to Advanced Energy Technologies, and Building System Synergies and Integrations--designed to develop students' strategic problem-solving skills to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
No, there was no celebration," The New York Post quoted personal assistant Liat Baruch telling a Manhattan Supreme Court jury, testifying in the burglary re-trial of Brooklyn car mechanic James Jimenez, charged with sneaking into the SoHo Grand hotel three years ago and swiping the Balenciaga handbags of both Baruch and Dunst.
Just one friend was on shore at Mullaghmore, Co Sligo, to welcome 34-year-old Baruch Scully when he tied up his 32ft wooden sailboat - 48,000km and several major disasters after he set out.
Baruch (founder of La Baruch Cuisine Moderne) is a 455-page culinary celebration of Chicago's local foods that draw from its ninety different ethnic groups and the more than seven thousand restaurants.
I first met Ralph Baruch in 1979, as the international editor for TV/Radio Age.