Barlow's syndrome

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Barlow's syndrome


Barlow's syndrome

Etymology: John B. Barlow, South African cardiologist, b. 1924
an abnormal cardiac condition characterized by an apical systolic murmur, a systolic click, and an electrocardiogram indicating inferior ischemia. These signs are associated with mitral regurgitation caused by prolapse of the mitral valve. Also called floppy-valve syndrome. See also mitral valve prolapse syndrome.

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Q. I have just developed a pain in my calf - feels like it clicks when I walk, and is a sharp pain I first noticed this problem this morning. As I stepped out of my car, I felt a sharp pain in my left calf, and it has gone worse as the day has gone on. No pain until I walk.

A. as i think of it- fatman's answer seems more logical. but usually people can tell the difference between strained muscle and other stuff. if it was just a pulled muscle he would have thought of it and naturally massage the area. no?

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