Hans K.L., German anatomist, 1798-1873. See: Barkow ligaments.
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In Germany, only one in 20 payments is processed by credit card, estimates Barkow Consulting.
274) Robust treatment of distributive and other broad impacts as costs and benefits can give more weight to voices and viewpoints that typically get little attention in the political process, as Brown, Barkow, and others point out.
ZHVs forward gun kept firing and she launched her four remaining torpedoes--in vain--before Korvettenkapitan Klaus Barkow gave the order to set scuttling charges and abandon ship.
today announced that Rachel Barkow of New York University Law School and Tracey Meares of Yale University Law School have been appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board for its Legal Education business, the leading provider of high-quality instructional and learning solutions to U.
Rachel Barkow has carefully articulated some of these key arguments.
Sentencing Commissioner Rachel Barkow and Professor Mark Osier--have recently argued that the best solution is to create a formal clemency board along the lines of the Sentencing Commission, consisting of judges, former prosecutors, defense counsel, penologists, religious authorities, and the like.
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Barkow, Separation of Powers and the Criminal Law, 58 Stan.
Legal experts like Rachel Barkow, faculty director at the Center on the Administration of Criminal Law at New York University, say that unless a faster pace at granting commutations is not adopted, the program will remain a "lottery" for thousands of other convicts, (http://www.