Ǻke, 20th-century Swedish internist. See: Barkman reflex.
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Lewis scholar Adam Barkman points out in a note about Lewis's early essay "On Bolshevism" that we know Lewis was teaching his political science students about Lenin as late as 1939, and even as a literary scholar Lewis continued to teach his students Western political thought beginning with Plato.
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Indirect effects include microclimatic conditions becoming unfavourable, particularly for those species that lay their eggs in the ground (Stoutjesdijk and Barkman 1992, Wingerden et al.
On the other hand, Barkman (1992) examining the personnel file of 2,979 accountants from 1980-1988 in 18 western and southwestern offices of national public accounting firms, found that turnover was higher among tax professionals than audit professionals.
In the laboratory, one sagittal otolith was extracted from each larva, placed on a microscope slide with one drop of immersion oil (Grade A, Cargille-Sacher Laboratories (2), Cedar Grove, NJ), photographed by using a light microscope camera (at 100x or 400x magnification), and its rings were counted by using the methods of Barkman (1978).
Our observation is consistent also with that of Barkman [52], Destinay [53] and Semadi [48] who noted that the cortex located on the opposite side of the rain and into the crevices is softer than the face exposed to the prevailing winds.
Treaty 8 Grand Chief Steve Courtoreille is more than impressed with the journey Stanley Barkman has undertaken.
Acknowledgment: We would like to thank the Family Advisory Council, Family Consultant Darlene Barkman, MA, and Joanna Horst, MSN, RNC, NEA-BC, for their immeasurable support of this work.
1) James McRae, 'Conquering the Self: Daoism, Confucianism, and the Price of Freedom in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', in Robert Arp, Adam Barkman & James McRae (eds), The Philosophy of Ang Lee, University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, 2013, p.
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Kyle Alkema and Adam Barkman analyze the way the gang perceives happiness and how they try to get it.