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Barker, Phil

a nursing theorist who developed the Tidal Model of Health Recovery for psychiatric and mental health nursing. Psychiatric patients often feel that they are drowning in the flux of constant change and need rescue. Their life stories, or experiences, must be carefully evaluated to determine what resources they have for recovery and what kind of support is needed from and for the nurses who are caring for the patients.


a term for an animal that does not usually bark which makes a violent respiratory effort, often during a convulsion, accompanied by a sound which roughly resembles a dog's bark.

barker foals
see neonatal maladjustment syndrome.
barker pig
see barker syndrome (below).
barker syndrome
newborn piglets show respiratory distress, and 'bark' and walk aimlessly. They appear to be blind. Death follows in 24 hours.
barker and wanderer
see neonatal maladjustment syndrome.
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