barium chloride

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bar·i·um chlo·ride

formerly used as a heart tonic and for varicose veins; extremely toxic.


a chemical element, atomic number 56, atomic weight 137.34, symbol Ba. See Table 6. Soluble salts, e.g. the chloride and the carbonate, are toxic.

barium burger, barium meal
a mixture of barium and solid food, used as a contrast medium in radiographic studies of the esophagus, instead of liquid barium mixtures.
barium chloride
used as a rodenticide. The baits are attractive to dogs. Clinical signs include salivation, convulsions and paralysis.
barium deficiency
preliminary experiments showing that diets deficient in barium fed to rats and guinea pigs depress growth have been neither invalidated nor confirmed.
barium enema
a dilute (5 to 20%) suspension of barium is introduced into a colon that has been emptied by starvation and previous enema.
Enlarge picture
Barium enema. By permission from Ettinger SJ, Feldman E, Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Saunders, 2004
barium-impregnated polyethylene spheres (BIPS)
radio-opaque markers used to demonstrate intestinal obstruction and motility disorders; the spheres are given orally and their movement can be tracked radiographically.
barium meal
a strong (usually 100%) suspension of barium sulfate is administered to an animal which has been starved for at least 12 hours.
barium study
x-ray examination using a barium mixture to help locate disorders in the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, and the small and large intestines. Called also barium test.
barium sulfate
a water-insoluble salt used as an opaque contrast medium for x-ray examination of the digestive tract.
barium swallow
a small amount of barium paste or liquid administered orally and observed radiographically or by fluoroscopy for examination of swallowing and esophageal function.
barium test
barium study.
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Barium chloride, as cross-linking agent, was found to improve the drug load as it produced porous microbeads than that calcium chloride as cross-linking agent.
Table 1: Formulation Table Processing parameters Formulation Sweet potato Sodium Ibuprofen code flour (mg) alginate (mg) (m g) F1 100 200 100 F2 200 200 100 F3 100 200 50 F4 100 200 150 F5 100 200 100 F6 100 200 100 F7 100 200 100 F8 100 200 100 F9 100 200 100 F10 100 200 100 F11 100 200 100 Formulation Cross linking Stirring Curing code agent (%w/v) speed (rpm) time (hrs) F1 8 200 1 F2 8 * 200 1 F3 8 * 200 1 F4 8 * 200 1 F5 5 * 200 1 F6 12 * 200 1 F7 8 ** 200 1 F8 8 *** 200 1 F9 8 * 300 1 F10 8 * 200 6 F11 8 * 200 12 * Calcium chloride, ** Barium chloride, *** Aluminium sulfate Table 2: Effect of various processing parameters on the particle size and drug entrapment efficiency of ibuprofen-loaded microbe ads.
Chemicals used were: Acetylcholine chloryste (Fluka AG), Barium chloride (Fluka AG), Atropine (Fluka AG ), Alverine (Sigma).
The antispasmodic activity of methanol, ethyl acetate and chloroform extracts and pure compounds, Bakkenolide and reference drug Alverine, were studied against two spasmogenic substances: acetylcholine (Ach) and barium chloride (Ba[Cl.
Spasmolytic effect of different extracts from Hertia cheirifolia induced by acetylcholine and barium chloride on isolated rat duodenum.
The extracts and substances were allowed to act on the preparations for 5 min, and afterwards the agonists such as barium chloride were cumulatively added and were allowed to reach a steady state at each concentration.
4 shows the potassium chloride (A) and barium chloride induced (B) contraction curve of guinea-pig ileum in the absence and presence of Plantago extract.
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