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Philip, U.S. physiologist, 1898-1945. See: Cannon-Bard theory.


Behaviour, Aims, Room, Dialogue. An acronym referring to the 4 pillars of acting as an effective consultant doctor, which has parallels with theatre (as in “bard”).

Clinical trials
Bard Memotherm Carotid Stent for Carotid Artery Stenosis. A trial which evaluated the safety and efficacy of the Bard Memotherm Stent in treating extracranial carotid artery stenosis in high-risk patients undergoing endarterectomy.
Primary endpoint
1-year MACE (death), any cerebrovascular accident (CVA), acute MI and/or CVA related to stented vessels.
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There was predictably good support from Billie Piper, as the dizzy weather girl Hero - "Well, what a lot of weather we have been having recently" - and you could almost sense previously suspicious souls all over the country suddenly warming to the Bard of Avon.
The University of Oregon will kick off its theater season and give a fund-raising campaign a boost Friday with help from the Bard of Avon and a guy from ``Avenue Q.
One of the few occasions when the Bard of Avon is more appropriate than Rabbie.
Brian Pollitt says Alastair Down is guilty of failing to give the Bard of Avon his full due
They're performing one play by the famous Bard of Avon (Much Ado About Nothing), and another one by some chap called Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night's Dream), and they're two of the best productions I've seen for a long time.
Love that Bard: ``Shakespeare in Love,'' which also comes out on Tuesday, doesn't have as many guns as ``Lock,'' but it has lots of swordplay - in both senses of the way the Bard of Avon used it in his plays.
All literature, whether written before or after Shakespeare, must be measured against the literary yardstick left behind by the Bard of Avon (and inevitably found wanting).
He disapproved of blues and jazz, preferring Western classical music, and his favorite author was the Bard of Avon.
The Bard of Avon might seem an unlikely candidate to have his works presented in animation, but half a dozen of his most famous plays have been adapted in this manner with admirable results.