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When I knew I was getting my own Barbie doll, it was super important for me to have the Barbie represent who I was and what I believe in and obviously dress like me.
The brand is also introducing 25 additional diverse Barbie dolls.
This year, the Barbie toymaker released their first-ever plus-size Barbie after 55 years in the toy industry.
The story of Barbara Millicent Robert aka Barbie is one that began on March 9, 1959, when she was unveiled to the New York Toy Fair as the original teenage fashion model.
That means different skin tones, eye and hair colours -- and Barbie sometimes swapping high-heels for flats.
The first was a fashion Barbie in a tight dress, the second a doctor Barbie wearing a lab coat and low heels, and thirdly a Mrs Potato Head.
The exciting affair culminated with a "Happy Birthday" song for Barbie and a sweet parade of cupcakes, chips, and other delicious snacks for guests to enjoy.
A whopping 99 percent of girls ages 3 to 10 have owned at least one Barbie doll, the researchers said.
Barbie wasn't designed this way to convince generations of women the ideal look is wasp-waist, pneumatic boobs and cocktail-stick thighs.
Suddenly, when I turned 14, I became really girly, and that's when I became a little bit obsessed with anything pink and Barbie.
The royal treatment starts in the stateroom that will be decorated in Barbie's pink signature style - a plush Barbie blanket, colourful Barbie pillowcase, pink toothbrush and toiletries, a Barbie doll with all her fashions and a stylish Barbie tote.
I had fun imagining worlds for Barbie, but I was bothered that compared to women I know, Barbie's figure was very unrealistic.