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Glenn, 20th-century U.S. orthopedic surgeon. See: Blount-Barber disease.
A professional who cuts (usually male) hair and shaves or trims facial hair
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Second Chance Barber Shop is a great place to become U-Haul Famous.
While barbers like Paul and others like to innovate, the old traditional barber shop is safe in the hands of a new generation like Alan Kelly from The Regent Barbers in Dublin.
The Waldorf Adare in Dublin's Westmoreland Street is one of the oldest barber shops in the country .
Albert Massen, 63, a customer whose business sat next door to the barber shop for the six years, said a visit to the barber is like seeing an old friend.
Founded by Scott Barber and Mark Salamone, The Barber Shop Studios has been designed to create the ultimate elegant recording experience.
Stuck out in the South Pacific with no barber shops around, he saw an opportunity and took advantage.
Photo: (1 --2) Above, in preparation for school's start Ricardo Salcedo, 13, gets a trim off the top from barber John Cota at Angelo's Barber Shop, Reseda.
He's just the last of the old-time barbers,'' said Hare, a Silver Lake resident who has trekked to Ivan's Barber Shop for 15 years.
Jeffers is curator and owner of the Barber Museum in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, and head of the National Association of Barber Boards, the state-level agencies that license and examine barber shops.
Barber Shops Industry Report" report to their offering.
This industry comprises establishments known as barber shops or mens hair stylist shops primarily engaged in cutting, trimming, and styling boys and mens hair; and/or shaving and trimming mens beards.
ISLAMABAD, June 13, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Most of the Barber shops in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are not observing safety health measures which are spreading contagious diseases.