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Robert, Austrian-Hungarian otologist and Nobel laureate, 1876-1936. See: Bárány sign, Bárány caloric test, positional vertigo of Bárány.
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A related question Barany and Karolyi (2001) is: What is the maximum number of empty triangles that can share an edge?
This important question is the title of a book recently published by Dar Jadawel, written by American researchers Zoltan Barany and Robert Moser who are both professors at Texas University.
According to Barany (2002) and Kertesi and Kezdi (2011), in the early 1990s, the percentage of Roma in the total population was close to 10% in Bulgaria and Slovakia, 4-7% in Hungary, Macedonia and Romania and around 2% in Albania and the Czech Republic.
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Adam Pulitzer from Hungary wrote two books on tympanic memberane, Vience from Austria also had some contributions while Robert Barany from Hungary won the first Nobel Prize.
Tibor Barany, editor of the new anthology Edes hazam (My sweet homeland), chose "engaged" poems from the output of the past twenty years.