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Robert, Austrian-Hungarian otologist and Nobel laureate, 1876-1936. See: Bárány sign, Bárány caloric test, positional vertigo of Bárány.
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Since its launch in the mid 1980s, NKI has pioneered the development of the renowned Barany (rotational) chair to test for vestibular and neurological issues.
This panel will feature Christie Barany and Courtney Turich , the female pair who founded Monkey Mat and also winners of ABC's Shark Tank, Whitney Johns Martin , cofounder of Texas Women Ventures, a fund managed by women and for women and a former Council Member and Gary Lindner , the President of PeopleFund, a community advantage lender and Community Development Financial Institution based in Austin-area with a strong reputation for lending to women-owned and women-led ventures.
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Barany - Sharae and Nick Barany, of Redmond, a son.
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This important question is the title of a book recently published by Dar Jadawel, written by American researchers Zoltan Barany and Robert Moser who are both professors at Texas University.
According to Barany (2002) and Kertesi and Kezdi (2011), in the early 1990s, the percentage of Roma in the total population was close to 10% in Bulgaria and Slovakia, 4-7% in Hungary, Macedonia and Romania and around 2% in Albania and the Czech Republic.
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Tibor Barany, editor of the new anthology Edes hazam (My sweet homeland), chose "engaged" poems from the output of the past twenty years.