Wild Indigo

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An annual herb, the root of which contains alkaloids, glycosides, and tannins. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and used topically for minor cuts and pain


growing uncontrolled away from a domesticated environment. See under the name of the species, e.g. equid, sheep, swine, pig, turkey.

wild amaranth
wild arum
wild barley
see hordeum.
wild black cherry, wild cherry
wild bleeding heart
wild boar
the commonest wild pig. Shaped like a domestic pig but lean, long-legged and mean. They can move very quickly and have formidable tusks in their bottom jaws. Their long, pointed snout enables the pigs to get through undergrowth better than any other animal. Called also Sus scrofa.
wild carrot
wild chervil
wild coffee
see cassiaoccidentalis.
wild cotton
wild cotton bush
wild cucumber
wild date
wild everlasting daisy
wild flax
wild garlic
alliumursinum, A. vineale.
wild gooseberry
wild grackle
see grackle.
wild ground cherry
wild heliotrope
wild hop
wild hyacinth
wild indigo
wild iris
see iris.
wild jasmine
wild lettuce
wild lucerne
crotalariaglobifera, C. dura.
wild lupin
wild mint
wild mustard
wild onion
alliumvalidum, dipcadiglaucum.
wild parsley
wild parsnip
any of several plant species including trachymene, cicuta and a plant with the name Pastinaca sativa which is quite edible.
wild passion fruit
wild pea
lathyrusincanus, L. sylvestris.
wild pepper
wild pineapple
wild potato bush
wild radish
see raphanusraphanistrum.
wild red cherry
wild sorghum
wild tobacco
wild tomato
wild tree tobacco
wild turnip
wild verbena
see verbenarigida.
wild watermelon
wild winter pea
see lathyrushirsutus.
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Baptista, who had previously admitted six charges of sexual assault, was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life and was banned from practising as a spiritual healer.
Mr Baptista said the forecast was out of date and less was paid in legal fees.
Walcott, Baptista, Samri Nasri and Denilson all scored, before Francesco Totti stepped up to send the shoot-out into sudden-death at 4-4.
Cesc is the key to the Arsenal team and you have to do anything to stop him," said Baptista.
Valladolid felt Real's anger following their shock defeat Almeria defeat with the hosts storming into a 5-0 half-time lead courtesy of a Raul brace and goals from Arjen Robben,A Baptista and Guti.
Baptista, who spent last season on loan at Arsenal, exchanged passes with Ruud van Nistelrooy to rifle home the 36th-minute decider from 20 yards.
No, life would have been very different if Grandpa Baptista hadn't saved the family farm more than 75 years ago and turned his grandson into "one of the Last Mohicans in the San Fernando Valley," Forneris said Wednesday, laughing.
Baptista initially struggled at Arsenal after joining in a loan swap deal which saw Jose Antonio Reyes going the other way.
Arsenal did take the lead in 51 minutes from a Gilberto penalty and Baptista added the second soon after when he powered into the box and drilled home.
Baptista should have put Arsenal ahead on the half-hour after the Gunners were presented with a dangerous free-kick 25 yards out from goal on the right flank.
Baptista is not yet a regular following his loan move from Real Madrid, but the Brazilian has more experience than the likes of Abou Diaby, Denilson, Armand Traore and Theo Walcott who were included by Wenger.
Spurs were quickly out of the blocks and a header from Dimitar Berbatov and on own goal from Julio Baptista seemed to have put them in control.