bandpass filter

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band·pass fil·ter

a device that allows a limited range of frequencies to pass.
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Furthermore, the effect of the host dielectric material is noted to further miniaturize the bandstop filter as can be seen from Fig.
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An ideal bandstop filter property can be described by using the rigorous relationships including [S.
Figure 1 shows the proposed single-section coupled-line bandstop filter.
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In this Section, a design that integrates the reconfigurable bandstop filter with a UWB antenna is presented.
We will place emphasis on the variation of 3-dB stopband bandwidth, which is a crucial parameter for the bandstop filter design [12,22].
The report of triple-band bandstop filter is relatively less, partly due to the design difficulties.
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In paper [8], by using quarter-wavelength short-circuited stubs, a bandstop filter is designed; in papers [9-13], some different bandstop filters are designed by using stepped-impedance open-circuited stubs the loop resonator and other methods But the enormous size is the same shortage of these designed filters.
In this paper, bandstop filter with improved frequency selectivity and compact size has been studied.