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The brand has sought to stay current with the savvy use of digital media, including the Band-Aid Magic Vision app, which uses a technology known as augmented reality to help mothers turn their child's encounter with pain into a moment of delight.
Character band-aids can immediately direct the child's attention from the uncomfortable needle stick, to something recognizable as a source of interest and enjoyment.
If a fun band-aid or sticker can bring joy to a child battling cancer, just imagine what life-saving blood donations can do for patients and their families.
In that event, one can only hope that the band-aids will be as well-designed as possible.
The FLSA fix is a relatively well designed band-aid that stops the bleeding without dealing with the major underlying flaws in this antiquated statute.
Boxes of Band-Aids or donations to buy Band-Aids can be dropped off or mailed to the UPS Store at 38713 Tierra Subida Road, Suite 200-156, Palmdale, CA 93551.
Rancho Vista students since November have been collecting the Band-Aid boxes, which will be donated to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, where patients 13-year-old Spencer Brandt and 8-year-old Joshua Ludicke became friends.
Since November, Spencer's and Joshua's efforts have resulted in the collection of 4,172 Band-Aid boxes that came from schools, businesses, Lancaster city workers, Sheriff's Department employees, hospitals, community groups and churches.
Said Joshua: ``I like the character Band-Aids, because they kind of calm me down and they make me feel better.
The Band-Aids the boys picked up Tuesday were from city workers in Lancaster, where Joshua's father is community development director, from Lancaster West Rotary Club members and from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department personnel.