Band-Aid Solution

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A generic term for any partial or ‘cosmetic’ solution to a problem, often referring to a treatment that falls far short of that demanded by the disease being treated
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel conceded over the weekend that package was no more than a band-aid solution to the problems afflicting a number of eurozone countries, from Ireland all the way across to Greece.
The men saw this not only as a band-aid solution, but one created for a different problem.
Real application clusters (RAC), intended to enable Oracle database to scale out, remain a Band-Aid solution, he said.
The band-aid solution doesn't kill the waiting list sale, but it does make the wait a lot more endurable, along with endearing you to the customer as the expert who solved his problem and helped him get through an availability problem he knows wasn't your fault.
Admittedly, this would hurt many property owners and investors, but a Band-Aid solution can't solve a problem that calls for major surgery.
Although touring the homes and communities of those in need does bring in cash from tourists, it seems like a band-aid solution at best.
But, Ludgin added, "NARAB II is a band-aid solution.
But beyond this Band-Aid solution, the ministry is also attempting to find a long-term answer to the classic excuse for the pathetic state of the country's roads: lack of funds.
The latest plans smack of a band-aid solution to cover the crisis until the general election is out of the way.
But there is no denying that years have gone by with only a band-aid solution being applied to a gushing wound.