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An insider said that she was wearing it to cover her neck, but the Band-Aid was visible as it was poking out.
About BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages, leading iconic brand of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc.
If you don't change from within, any other change is a temporary Band-Aid approach.
It might look like a Band-aid," explains Prausnitz.
During changing, especially early on, be sure to remove the Band-Aid with care Lightly pinch the split closed as you peel each edge towards the split, for if you pull right across the split, you might tear it further.
Medical waste includes band-aid wrappers, used tissues, syringes and medication cups.
It's not just a band-aid designed to 'stimulate' the economy in an election year.
Agency Recognized by PR News and PR Daily for Award-Winning Campaigns for work with BAND-AID, Talenti Gelato, McGraw-Hill Education and other leading corporate and consumer clients
When injected into the bloodstream, the molecular band-aid finds these microscopic cuts and protects them from harmful substances so the heart muscle cells can survive and function normally.
Police said they arrested the suspected Band-Aid Bandit -- who plastered the adhesive patches around his eyes as a disguise before robbing the Wells Fargo Bank, 525 N.
The easiest way to make a plantain poultice is to chew up the leaf, put it on the wound, and cover it with a band-aid to hold it in place.
The FLSA fix is a relatively well designed band-aid that stops the bleeding without dealing with the major underlying flaws in this antiquated statute.