bandpass filter

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band·pass fil·ter

a device that allows a limited range of frequencies to pass.
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The technique that is proposed in this paper based on band-pass filtering of the original time domain signal using a band pass filter that centers on the region of high frequency energy, and demodulate the filtered signal by getting Envelope and Autocorrelation enhancement.
The wavelet de-noising algorithm is better than band pass filter, low pass filter, wiener deconvolution been employed to reduce the grain noise.
In this study, a Class A log domain filter based on KHN structure is designed to obtain low pass, high pass and band pass filter characteristics.
The metallic grid has presented a band pass filter function with a resonance frequency between 3.
This setback was attributed to either an impedance match problem between the mixer and amplifying stage, the band pass filter we are using towards the end of the hardware stage, or getting Pspice to work correctly.
The Sacchi's algorithm (2002) based on the Karhunen-Loeve (K-L) Transform was modified and implemented to suppress Ground Roll without distortion of the reflection signals, it provided better results than conventional techniques for noise removal like f-k, High-Pass and Band Pass Filters.
An ideal band pass filter is used to isolate the components of a time series that lie within a given range of frequencies, say [[omega].
There is an embedded trade-off between the given resonator quality factor (Q), band pass filter bandwidth, order, and the pass band insertion loss [3].
Gupta, "Design of compact coupled microstrip line band pass filter with improved stopband characteristics," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
One of the indispensable components in the UWB system is a band pass filter [2,3].