Band Form

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Haematology See Band
Parasitology A mature trophozoite intraerythrocytic form of Plasmodium malariae


1. a part, structure or appliance that binds.
2. in histology, a zone of a myofibril of striated muscle.
3. in cytogenetics, a segment of a chromosome stained brighter or darker than the adjacent bands; used in identifying the chromosomes and in determining the exact extent of chromosomal abnormalities. Called Q-bands, G-bands, C-bands, T-bands, etc., according to the staining method used.
3. an American term for a group of range sheep, usually about 1,000, that is ranged by a single herder.

band form
an immature polymorphonuclear leukocyte. See also shift to the left.
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Subsequent review of the peripheral smear may indicate the presence of a new invader with rising neutrophil band forms, toxic granulation, and dohle bodies.
Abnormal cells, band forms, and reactive lymphocytes are easily detected and numbers estimated when the slide is scanned by an expert.
9] cells/L with 36% neutrophils, 10% band forms, and 33% lymphocytes.