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Former Baltimore Sun reporter Antero Pietila, author of the Baltimore history Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City, said age-old effects from discriminatory municipal and lending policies might have exacerbated decline for many black Baltimoreans.
An examination of the 1960 Lads and Lassies membership roster showed that, for the 162 native Baltimorean natural mothers, 102 (63 percent) had one child, 39 (24 percent) had two children, and 21 (13 percent) had three or more children.
The survey reveals that Baltimoreans have concerns about quality of life: The social scene is wanting, public schools are lacking, and job opportunities are in short supply.
Baltimoreans feared that unless they did something bold and innovative, their city risked becoming a backwater town.
The chief value of the book for serious students of Jewish history is its many small observations on daily Jewish life and the inclusion of a few words from some Baltimoreans that provide a bright flash of insight into that bygone world.
Rubin a Baltimorean of the Year for his work in safeguarding the integrity of our election process.
Baltimore Boxing's Donald Wallace battles fellow Baltimorean Tyrell Boyd in the co-main event of the evening.
Contributors to Freedom's Journal included "Amelia," "Omega," "A Coloured Baltimorean," "A Subscriber," "S.
At 40, Baltimorean Delia Grinstead, wearing only her swimsuit and beach robe, runs away from her husband and children.
Tommy Byrne, like Sleater a left-handed Baltimorean, once threw at `Fed Williams before he even got into the batter's box.
The Baltimorean and comrades-in-arms found comfort, therefore, in 34-year-old Elmer Berger's crusade in Flint against "corrosive" Jewish nationalism and in the Wolsey disciple's pamphlet Why I Am a Non-Zionist, published in May to cheers from Proskauer and HUC president Julian Morgenstern.

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