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(bôl′tə-môr′), David Born 1938.
American microbiologist. He shared a 1975 Nobel Prize for research on the interaction of tumor viruses and genetic material.
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A portrait of Malcom X was hanging above him as he spoke in the dining room of Viva House, where he and his wife have fed countless homeless and working poor Baltimoreans over the years.
It was more than double the rate of mental illness found in an earlier study of Baltimoreans.
When Maynard made that known during the rededication ceremony, the crowd of more than 100 applauded wildly; Baltimoreans are keenly aware of the drug-induced crime and violence that has sent so many of their sons to prison, and equally aware that most men, no matter their crime or circumstance, want to change if they possibly can.
Eddie is not alone among Baltimoreans in his fixation with the Colts; the team had a fervent following throughout its time in Baltimore.
Judging by the 20 points the Ravens are getting from the folks in Vegas, the early money has this being a futile challenge for the Baltimoreans.
In a letter to Jeremiah Watts included in the Journal's Appendix, Coker encourages black Baltimoreans to sell their possessions and emigrate to West Africa.
Indeed, for other middle-class Baltimoreans who joined the crusades for racial segregation ordinances, Grasty's papers must have been the most widely read analysis of race relations on a global scale.
Baltimoreans must spend more time on the elliptical trainer than at work to undo the health harm inflicted by a Starbucks' venti whole milk cappuccino with 10 g of fat.
The RFPs included the requirement of monthly and quarterly reports, which made the ground appear well-suited for citizen-monitoring of the manner in which the local welfare agency and its contractual agents would manage the public fiscal and community stake in moving Baltimoreans from TANF checks to pay checks.
Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD), a faith-based organizing network in Baltimore, won the first municipal living wage ordinance in the country in 1994.
One group, Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD), whose programs focus on those who work full-time and still earn less than the poverty level, recently won a precedent-setting victory.
When LeJeune speaks to Baltimoreans about Mondawmin, he says, "There's this nostalgia about the place.

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